Study Online

Students preparing for a martial arts classThe University of Martial Arts is an online learning institution where students and instructors of the martial arts come together to expand their martial knowledge. Instructors who teach through UMA provide you, the student, with every avenue available for the best training experience possible. In the fast paced 21st century, studying the martial arts has become harder in some ways and easier in others. Having online access to videos made by your instructor allows you to study with more proficiency and to utilize your training time wisely. Immediate online access to training materials, including course manuals and books, also enhances the training you receive from your instructor.

The University of Martial Arts also pairs up instructors and new students allowing training that may not be otherwise available to the student due to location or time constraints. However, at UMA you do not simply watch videos to learn martial arts. Online training is not a substitute for training with an instructor who oversees and takes responsibility for your training. At UMA, you will find instructors who want to use the newest training tools to allow you to train with them and who want to provide a course of study for you that fits your hectic lifestyle, while still providing the quality of training you need to excel!