About Us

The University of Martial Arts is an online learning institution where students and instructors of the martial arts come together to expand their martial knowledge. We provide every avenue available to our students to facilitate learning. Online video training allows students to practice what they are being taught with more proficiency and online access to training materials, including videos, course manuals and books, enhances martial arts training.

The University of Martial Arts allows instructors and students to study together who may not otherwise be able to do so due to location or time constraints. We do not believe that online training is a substitute for training in a martial arts school, and we do not believe in video training alone, without an instructor overseeing the progress of the student.

It is the goal of the University of Martial Arts to provide a secure online curriculum for students that will help both instructor and students to enjoy teaching and training in the martial arts.

Students will be able to upload videos so instructors can follow their progress and for testing purposes.

The University of Martial Arts is looking for serious martial arts instructors who wish to expand teaching opportunities for current students and who wishes to provide training for those who may not otherwise have access to his or her particular style or system.

Welcome to 21st century martial arts training on the University of Martial Arts.